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That's enough from us.  Here are just some of the things that people have been saying about our products.


  • the raised dots and ribs make it a lot more pleasurable (Pleasuremax).
  • Great durability and feel (Performa)
  • In one word, Outstanding! I have a new favourite condom (Performa)
  • My boyfriend and I both agree that these are the best. Feels like nothing at all. (Avanti)
  • Love this product (Avanti)


  • It’s innovative and like no other products, Play Feel is amazing
  • I love Play, Tingle, Heat and Feel
  • Heat lube is fantastic
  • Love your Play range, well done!
  • Like it, especially lubes
  • Durex Heat is far better as its smooth and easy to apply. Great to use with sex toys and love making. It even tastes nice and it feels more natural than other lubes.
  • Massage 2 in 1 - it's the best lube we've tried


  • The Wand is magic! Best thing since sliced bread….
  • The Little Gem is the best vibrator I’ve used in a long time!
  • The Play range looks good. I am going to order the Little Gem next but I also like the vibrations you get with the Charm.
  • Excellent, glad to see more male products like the Vibrating ring
  • Absolutely excellent, funky, modern and above all great fun.
  • I liked to see a vibrator that gives intense clitoral stimulation
  • I think Durex play toys are a great idea
  • Love your Play range, well done!
  • Great well designed not tacky
  • A great product at a great price


  • Glad to see more than just condoms, can’t wait to see if you bring anything else out…
  • Superb!
  • Wow, this thing is great


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