Intrauterine System (IUS), hormone releasing IUD


Does it work?

The Intrauterine System (IUS)
(Hormone releasing IUD) is up
to 99% + effective

Image of an IUD
Top 5 Plus Points
  • Lasts for five years
  • Doesn't interfere with sex
  • Periods often become lighter, shorter and sometimes less painful
  • Fertility returns quickly after it is removed
  • Can be used if you’re breast feeding

Any bad points?

  • A lot of women have slight but irregular bleeding for the first six months
  • Temporary side effects can include headaches, acne and breast tenderness
  • Some women develop cysts on their ovaries. These are not dangerous but can sometimes cause pain. They usually disappear without treatment.
  • Can be pushed out by the womb or become dislodged
  • Can puncture or perforate the womb which may require removal by surgery, although this is rare
  • Doesn't protect against STIs, including HIV/AIDS
  • Small chance of infection after the device has been put in.

Where can I get one?

Available from family planning clinics, sexual health clinics and some GPs as it has to be fitted by a trained doctor or nurse.

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