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Condom Manufacture: How Durex do it

We'll tell you how they are made and the tests we do to make sure our condoms are the highest quality, not just meeting international standard but exceeding them!

This is why millions of people trust Durex everyday...


Testing Testing

The condoms are now stored for about 2 days to mature.

Then, the Electronic Testing machine! – which checks for holes and imperfections. Next, they’re transferred to a machine which inserts them into the single-unit pack – the “foil”.

Image of Durex condom



This is when any lube and flavouring that’s going to be used is injected into the foil at the same time.

The foils are heat-sealed and stamped with a batch number and expiry date. A sample of the foils is tested for leakage and other defects.

Durex condoms are deliberately foiled in square foils because we've proved this puts less stress on condoms than rectangular foils – this is now an industry standard.

The foiled Durex condoms are packed into their boxes, ready for dispatch to the customer.

Well…almost ready…

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…before we despatch our condoms from the factory, we carry out a final check to ensure they meet the relevant National and International Standards (for latex condoms). They also need to pass the more stringent Durex quality standard.


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