Condom Manufacture: How Durex do it

We'll tell you how they are made and the tests we do to make sure our condoms are the highest quality, not just meeting international standard but exceeding them!

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Lets make a condom

All condom manufacturing starts in pretty much the same way; to give the latex stability and strength, chemicals are added to it, and it’s heated (“prevulcanised”). During this process, the chemicals react with the rubber in the latex to make it stronger, more reliable and give it low allergenic potential.

Just to be thorough though, we then test it again.

The latex is then transferred into vast temperature controlled storage tanks.

Image of glass formers A continuous line of clean glass formers are dipped into the latex, where they become coated.

The formers are rotated to ensure the latex is evenly spread.

After drying, the formers are dipped for a second time.

The formers then pass through an oven to vulcanise the rubber - this completes the chemical reactions and ensures that the condoms have the necessary strength and elasticity.


Finally, the condoms are removed from the formers, washed to remove any water soluble residues, and powdered using pharmacologically safe materials.


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