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Many people dismiss the idea of using a lube, thinking they’re exclusively for older couples, or only for use during anal sex.

But there are 1001 reasons to use a lube.

Symptoms can be brought on by the menopause, but changes in hormone levels during different stages of the menstrual cycle can also be the cause.

The use of tampons, drugs, alcohol, perfumed soaps or bubble baths – even diabetes and stress, have all been cited as causes. 

It’s experienced by women of all ages and lifestyles and is more common than you think.

In amongst the huge array of lubes available today, there are water based versions that are lighter compared to silicone-based that offer slightly longer lasting lubrication.

Most lubes are suitable for use during vaginal, anal and oral sex – just make sure you check the label and it’s important to use a condom-friendly lube if you’re using a condom too.

Lubes are essential for anal sex because the anus and rectum don’t produce any natural lubrication.

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