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Diaphragms, caps and sponges


Do they work?

Diaphragms and caps are up to
92% - 96% effective

Sponges are 89 – 91% effective.
(Not currently available in Europe)

Image of a Diaphram
Top Plus Points
  • Only need to be used when you have sex
  • Can be put in at any convenient time before sex
  •  Diaphragms and caps may give some protection against cervical cancer and STIs, sponges do not

Any bad points?

  • Some women have a problem with cystitis
  • Can take time to learn how to use them effectively
  • Diaphragms and caps only provide limited protection against STIs, including HIV/AIDS

Where can I get them?

Each must be initially fitted by a doctor or nurse at a GP surgery or family planning clinic. Once fitted, they can be bought from pharmacies.

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